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What’s Wrong With Using Web Design Templates?

There’s no specific analysis information out there thereon, however, examine a number of the highest example websites and you may get the concept regarding their reach. Hub Spot offers over one,400 web site and email templates, and Theme forest a complete of twenty-five,000 templates.

But style templates clearly have their limitations in addition. Here are eight sensible reasons why employing a style example is ultimately a foul plan.

1. They Are Not Versatile

You can’t get artistic with an example. Sure, you’ll add your content like pictures and text, however, that is a few customization features. If you are looking for distinctive layouts and structures, steer away from templates they sometimes exploit terribly similar models that are not simple to customize. a web site supported an example that can ne’er be distinctive. Imagine being crust this sort of crazy horizontal and vertical navigation combine.

2. They Usually Hide Problems Below The Surface

This is a true downside. several templates look wonderful on the surface, however, once you dig a touch in their code, you would possibly spot some serious problems. several of those self-build templates, of course, provide to feature options and customize the planning for added fees. In the end, folks find yourself paying for options like SEO analytics and promoting, which simply is not truthful. simply have a glance at premium plans out there to WIX users, WHO plain have to be compelled to pay even for connecting the temple to a website.

3. They Are Low-Cost

And this can be their main point. However, once shopping for one you must keep in mind that you are obtaining what you pay money for. they are low-cost and that they look low-cost. Since a web site essentially is the primary impression to shoppers, employing an example would possibly trigger negative responses from the web community and have an effect on the image of a complete. simply take a glance at this one it’s laborious to believe it prices nearly $70!

If you would like to use an example and still build a positive complete image, opt for recognized example suppliers and contemplate getting plans that grant access to additional distinctive styles.

4. Users Acknowledge Them

Since suppliers of those templates use various advertising, they conjointly facilitate shoppers to be told what web site templates appear as if. in conjunction with their generic titles and badly designed navigation, these options ar distinctive enough, therefore, guests instantly understand that the complete did not invest Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} custom style and selected an unprofessional answer.

Website templates recommend a lack of creativeness and laziness and since of those, the complete image will solely suffer. Be honest, what number times have you ever seen this style around the web? It certain appearance acquainted with any user with a sensible visual sense.

5. They Are Usually Not Responsive

The situation is dynamic, however, this still holds true for several self-build themes and templates out there. Obviously, building a web site that is not responsive is inexcusable in 2016. Mobile net usage is growing and these days it surpasses desktop usage. eightieth of web users own a smartphone these days. employing an example, brands risk losing their competition on the mobile scene.

There exist ways for reworking a non-responsive example or theme into a responsive one. you’ll strive a plugin, for example, Device Theme oppressor. however, you’ll conjointly dig into the code and update the instrumentation fix dimension values set the dimension to one hundred then specific a max-width for big screens. you’ll take care of responsive navigation with a plugin addition  Responsive Menu may be a good selection.

6. They Don’t Seem To Ne Distinctive

Template firms sometimes categories they are providing to replicate the necessity of various industries. the concept is sweet, however, the execution is usually lacking. each trade is characterized by selection. however is one example alleged to work for all the various options? can it facilitate these businesses to differentiate themselves from others and be extremely applicable to their needs? Not terribly seemingly.

Plus, selecting a preferred example, you will find tons of if not thousands of internet sites that look remarkably similar. and that is clearly not a technique for standing out on the market. A classic example of this downside is the Bootstrap framework that clothed to be too wide for its own sensible.

7. They Resist Amendment

Websites amendment over time. Technologies are below constant innovation and developers update websites to {stay} up with the wants and stay competitive. Building a web site on a system created by some other person may be a certain thanks to locking yourself out of those choices. Otherwise, you would possibly end up having to start out reconstruction your web site from scratch. By the time you are done, the business would possibly lose to its competitors.

8. SEO Would Possibly Become a Drag

Sure, some templates may well be designed with SEO in mind, however, that is not continuously the case. In fact, you have no guarantee whatever that the example you are building on can absolutely impact the website’s search rank. several designers ne’er rely on SEO once building pre-made templates. And developers operating with custom base parts most frequently understand what they are doing once it involves SEO.

Still if {you’re|you are} employing an example there are many belongings you will do to spice up its SEO. confirm to individualize your titles, produce a custom emblem, work on your meta titles and short meta descriptions, label your photos, and write content that creates use of the keywords you are targeting.


Templates are not the foremost terrible factor that would happen to net style, however, they must be treated as a place to begin and zilch additional. Considering all the problematic problems that are a part of mistreatment templates, having a developer on board will simply end up to be far more cost-efficient.

Contrary to templates that are designed for a broad business class, custom styles are designed by specialists to satisfy specific business wants. a good web site is quite beautiful visuals and sensible widgets. Custom styles are personalized at an abstract level, delivering nice user expertise on desktop or mobile, and fascinating users to follow your calls-to-action.

Founded on the business complete, custom net style permits additional management over artistic parts, serving businesses to forge an important reference to their audiences. With custom, style comes custom-built support of a designer ready to dead align the planning of the web site with specific business wants.

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