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4 Good WordPress Techniques You Wish To Understand

WordPress is that the most ordinarily used on-line business platform on the earth. countless individuals read billions of WordPress pages each month. It wont to be that a lot of these pages were on smaller blogs, however, WordPress is turning into an additional and additional refined tool and, with additional advanced demands, developers ar transferral a number of the foremost up-to-date development techniques to WordPress sites. We’ll look into four of them.

01. Use Structured Information

Tim Berners-Lee once aforesaid, “I have a dream for the online [in that computers] become capable of analyzing all the info on the online.” Structured information, as well as microdata, is a way of providing the context that machines, as well as search engines, have to be compelled to analyze all we have a tendency tob|the online|the net} content that we manufacture. Microdata is the newest sort of structured information in wide use. It’s primarily a collection of metatags introduced with HTML5 that offer context to look engines.

Google has been promoting structured information as an efficient SEO strategy and engineered a Structured information Testing Tool. you’ll be able to notice ways in which to tag numerous forms of information, as well as addresses, products, places, and events on the web site. one in all the best ways in which to feature structured information to your sites is with the Yoast SEO plug-in. The plug-in permits you to feature Google authorship information, Twitter Cards, and Facebook Open Graph information simply by filling in an exceedingly few fields. different plug-ins exist for additional specific functions, like adding structured information to event and property listings, or to recipes.

Structured information and themes

All WordPress sites have some structured information that comes from the core installation, as an example, in RSS feeds. some frameworks like Roots embody microformats within the model files. But often, to feature structured information to your web site, you may have to be compelled to add the mandatory code to your model files. one in all the simplest places to try and do this is often in post sort model files together with custom meta boxes.

02. Use Icon Fonts

The folks at Automattic recently free Genericons as a part of the new Twenty 13 theme.

Genericons are vector icons embedded in an exceedingly net font. they are free and, as a result of they are licensed underneath the GPL (General Public Licence), you’ll be able to use them in industrial comes. The set comes with Sass and fewer syntax examples. The transfer includes AN OTF version, however, run the set through the Webfont Generator at FontSquirrel for higher cross-device compatibility.

Open-source icon fonts and licensing

Most ASCII text file fonts are licensed underneath the SIL Open Font Licence, that is GPL-compatible. Font awe-inspiring, the icon font bundled with the Twitter Bootstrap framework, is one. picture and Entypo ar others. There are additionally accessible at Font Squirrel. However, some ASCII text file fonts are free underneath different licenses.

If you are building a custom theme for a shopper, the license in all probability does not matter, however, if you would like to submit a subject to the official WordPress Theme Directory, or sell it commercially, you wish to remain away from fonts that don’t seem to be GPL-compatible. notice a partial list of compatible licenses and icon fonts on the web site.

Icon font plug-ins and services

Is there a plug-in? Yes! Genericon’d permit you to use the Genericons font with shortcodes. There are a variety of plug-ins that may allow you to use Font awe-inspiring with shortcodes.

If you simply need a few icons, Fontello is a web service that may generate a custom bundle of icons from a number of the foremost ordinarily used icon fonts.

Of course, if you cannot notice what you wish, you’ll be able to forever generate your own icon font. Inkscape, the ASCII text file vector graphics tool, incorporates an SVG font editor that may allow you to flip vector graphics into a font free. there is even AN icon font starter model accessible. There are a variety of on-line tools accessible, like IcoMoon, to form the entire method easier.

03. Use Bootstrap With WordPress

The Bootstrap framework bills itself as a “sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for quicker and easier net development”. It includes UI parts, many responsive layouts, utilizes LESS, CSS, and icon fonts, and includes a responsive grid. it is also a favorite with startups trying to find a fast thanks to the image. therefore why add WordPress? straightforward. to form the method even quicker.

If you simply need the CSS and JS libraries, you’ll be able to simply use the WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS plug-in with AN existing theme. There are a variety of Bootstrap themes that are developed for WordPress. WordPress Bootstrap includes Bootstrap also because of the extra layouts are accessible as Bootswatch themes. It additionally includes shortcodes, page templates, and sidebars. BootstrapWP is another. like Sass over LESS? you’ll be able to notice a WordPress theme for that too known as Sass WordPress Bootstrap.

Roots is another WordPress Bootstrap theme, though it’s designed as a minimally titled starter theme that features Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, ARIA roles, and microformats. It additionally works with a variety of preprocessors as well as LESS, LESS with pure CSS, Sass, and Compass. It works with Gravity Forms and WooCommerce, the leading type and e-commerce plug-ins for WordPress. Roots have already been internationalized for a minimum of twenty-three languages, too.

04. Produce Bilingual Sites

Why solely speak to some individuals once you will speak to the planet? Most of the world population uses the net in an exceeding language save for English. WordPress itself is already accessible in over seventy-six languages. to urge started, all you wish to try and do is transfer the language files for the language you would like and add them to your WordPress installation. If the language you need is not accessible, there are groups engaged in supporting even additional, and community participation is inspired.

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