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Ways to Build Back-links

Ways to Build Back-Links

Backlinks refer to sites that offer a link to one’s site.

For most of the search engines, they are considered important for ranking any website. They also help in getting organic traffic. Since the traffic of any website is directly proportional to the backlinks’ quality, the more quality links you have from an authoritative website, the better traffic and ranking you’ll get.

In order to keep an eye on the Google rankings, it is important to keep a check on the links pointing to one’s website. While crawling, Google considers a number of factors like how the pages are connected to each other and in what manner. Though there are thousands of other factors, still backlinks are considered important for ranking from an SEO point of view.

It’s not simple to get backlinks, but there are some smart ways to get them that are mentioned as under:

1. Infographics To Generate Backlinks

If you wish to get good traffic and build backlinks fast, then you should try working on infographics. Since they are easy to understand and share, they are preferred by almost everyone. Due to visual data, the demand for infographics has increased to a very great extent.

Once you are happy to go for infographics, it’s important to select your infographics carefully. An interesting story that is also unique has to be there for your audience to feel interested. You must follow the trending topics to know what exactly the people are searching for and then create a one using well researched statistical data. After the info-graphics are ready, you should distribute using directories that are plenty available.

2. Broken Link Building Method

If you wish to go for one way backlinks, you should select the broken link building method. Under this technique, you need to contact a webmaster and inform him about the broken link present on his website. While doing so, you should mention the URL of your website since you are doing a favor to him. Additionally, you should recommend other websites to replace that link. As you are helping the other webmaster by reporting the broken link, chances are quite high that you will get a backlink in return.

Hence, in order to use the broken-link method, it is important to first of all find the relevant websites in your niche containing the resource pages. You can find them on Google using the following ways:

1. Search in Google your keyword + resources
2. put in the Google search bar, your keyword + links

3. Type in keywords inurl: links

As an instance, in case you have a website development agency, you should search for website development + links. In order to find the links that are broken on any website, you should download and install a very popular plugin of Google Chrome called Check My Links. With the help of this link, you will be able to discover all 404 links that are present on any particular page.

Once the above process is completed, you should get in touch with the webmaster and introduce yourself in a friendly manner. Inform him for the resources he or she is linking to are no longer available. Here, you need to keep in mind that you must offer the exact location of the broken links so that they can be found easily. You should offer some alternatives to replace those broken links, and include your own website. Present yourself to be helpful and not greedy to get a backlink.

3. Make use of Guest Posting:

If you wish to get in touch with new audiences, it’s important to go for guest blogging. In this way, you will be able to showcase your quality content in front of new readers and hence can get more exposure. Here you need to keep in mind that sometimes, it’s even more important to work on increasing your social media followers or reputation than getting few backlinks.

With the help of guest blogging, you are able to maintain a good relationship with your audience.

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  1. I’m glad I saw your post on bclkings. I’m new blogging and never heard of broken-links. I will try it. Thanks

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