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Top Ten Explanation To Use WordPress For Your Website

We at pc bravery area unit immense fans of WordPress. For the last many years, we’ve programmed the ninetieth of our sites on the platform. WordPress enhances websites at each step of the process: our users to avoid wasting cash, take hold of their own sites (add/edit/remove content), incorporate advanced practicality (e-commerce, mapping, user-submitted content, etc.), and obtain higher search results. is just a stroke of genius, and that we take nice pride in mistreatment it to create stunning and powerful websites for our purchasers. Below may be a list of the highest ten reasons we tend to believe mistreatment for your web site. If you’re fascinated by obtaining skilled facilitate putting in or optimizing a website, contact me any time.

1. WordPress Is Actually Free And Open Supply
Unlike different free and open source solutions that have hidden agendas, is totally free (learn more) for you, forever. WordPress doesn’t begin charging once you hit a particular size, nor will it shut off any of its code to you. this can be one among the less tangible however most likely most vital parts of’s success. No fees, no gotchas, no-nonsense.

2. Automattic Is Associate In Nursing Awesome Company, And It Takes Care Of WordPress
A lot of I find out about Matt Mullenweg and his company, Automattic, a lot of I favor them. These guys write wonderful code, shield open supply programming, fight spam, host reasonable and academic conferences, take security seriously, and appear like real nice guys. I discussed that WP is open supply, however, what’s extremely attention-grabbing is that it is industrial open supply. That seems like an Associate in Nursing figure of speech however it’s really a breakthrough. several ancient community-based open supply comes aren’t well target-hunting they find yourself floundering, ripping into separate comes, or become stale as a result of volunteers isn’t actuated to figure. Automattic stays on prime of their product, steering development within the right direction and perpetually change their product.

3. Plugins Offer You A Lot Of Practicality
Plenty of platforms out there supply plugin practicality, however, I’ve ne’er seen a lot of sleek and thorough implementation than the plugin effort on Plugins permit you to feature nice photo galleries, sliders, looking carts, forums, maps, and a lot of nice practicality. There is a searchable, one-click install directory of plugins (think App Store for WordPress). Their code is riddled with hooks that permit developers to feature their code to nearly any side of WordPress while not writing the core. rummage around for a number of new and vital plugins to return from the pc bravery labs soon!

4. The Visual Editor And CMS Area Unit Outstanding
The intuitive, easy backend of WordPress is perhaps what created it therefore far-famed within the initial place. Ill ne’er keep in mind the relief I felt after I initially put in WordPress once a number of Drupal experiences. I invariably tell my purchasers, if you’ll be able to have it off in Word, you’ll be able to have it off in WordPress. In fact, with the Paste From Word tool, that statement is a lot of true than you’d imagine (this article was written in Word). WordPress is regularly rising its CMS, adding options appreciate rib comments, galleries, revision histories, trash, custom post sorts, and more. If you haven’t maintained a WordPress website, however, it provides it a glance.

5. Simply Add A Web Log To Your Website
How is that this variety five on the list you ask? WordPress extremely came to fame for weblogging and remains thought of by several to be a blog platform. Even WordPress itself appears to spot with blogging initial because the default configuration is for the house page to be a weblog. other than the wonderful advances in CMS (see #4 above), the weblog practicality remains the most effective within the business. With classes, tags threaded commenting, Gravatars, straightforward theming, widgets, fantastic moderation controls, opposing spam solutions, and plugin infrastructure, you cant realize a much better weblog resolution. Adding a weblog to a WordPress website may be a good way to draw in and involve guests, and to stay Google taking note. If you don’t would like a full website, and simply need a fast weblog, check up on

6. Themes Allow You To Vogue Your Website
I tell my business purchasers on a daily basis that their website doesn’t have to be compelled to reinvent the wheel once it involves style. we tend to love doing custom net style for our purchasers, however several of them don’t would like it. We’ve been able to create terribly stunning and winning sites by ranging from pre-existing themes and doing customizations from there. as a result of the themes area unit open supply, you’ll be able to purchase or transfer them so modify them to your heart’s content. I actually have to provide special credit to the oldsters at Elegant Themes WHO create splendidly powerful and straightforward to use themes at an awfully affordable value. Remember, themes area unit freelance from your content, therefore you’ll be able to edit or swap out themes at any time and keep your content and practicality in place.

7. It’s Straightforward To Stay WordPress Secure
WordPress has invariably bragged concerning its Famous five Minute Installation. Not solely is WordPress pretty straightforward to put in (it really takes five minutes if you’re handy along with your net servers, newbies can have a learning curve), however, WordPress is additionally amazingly straightforward to update for security and new practicality. once a brand new version is obtainable, WordPress can offer you a simple link for a one-click upgrade. Warning: pc bravery invariably recommends backing up your weblog before doing an Associate in Nursing install just in case one thing goes wrong. rummage around for backup plugins or techniques initially.

8. Google Loves WordPress
At pc bravery, we tend to specialize in obtaining new customers for our purchasers via computer program improvement. Ever since we tend to start doing installs, I noticed a spike in search results. Over the years I’ve used several valuable SEO plugins to appreciate the All-In-One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps. however even while not these plugins, I invariably felt just like the straightforward layouts of WordPress, the permalinks, and therefore the straightforward linking in WordPress would be naturally enticing to Google. I even detected it straight from the horse’s mouth. Matt Cutts, the opposite awful Matt, and therefore the head of Google’s webspam team spoke at WordCamp SF 2009 and same it directly Google Loves WordPress. Edit: once speech communication this for the last year, I went back and checked. It seems I’ve been exaggerating. His same WordPress may be a nice choice (video and slides here) however still, he goes on to gush concerning what quantity WordPress helps you reclaim results. we tend to invariably advocate conversion to WordPress once doing SEO.

9. WordPress Sites Area Unit Accessible
WordPress sites area unit sometimes engineered on comparatively straightforward and accessible technologies. It’s straightforward to put in on Windows or UNIX servers. It uses all free license server computer code. the net pages render in hypertext markup language and CSS permitting them to indicate informed iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPad, etc. It’s conjointly straightforward for various browsers to appreciate text solely browsers (see Lynx) that area unit wonderful for those with disabilities.

10. Your Website Will Grow With You
When you add up plenty of those options, you discover that your WordPress website will grow with you over the years. you’ll be able to simply upgrade it for brand new options and security. you’ll be able to add a brand new theme while not redoing your whole website. you’ll be able to add new plugins for increased practicality (add e-commerce if your business grows, focus a lot on search results, add a store finder, etc.) is employed by many sites, from the best very little weblogs to large whole names just like the new York Times blog, People, Flickr, and more. See the showcase.

Have any thoughts on why is or isn’t an excellent platform for building websites? We like to hear from you within the comments below. Thanks for your participation and interest within the net and in Finally, If you’re trying to find an expert team to place a web site along for you, contact Techfern Web solutions.

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