Content Management System (CMS) Pitfalls and Misconceptions

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1. One in all the biggest misconceptions regarding CMS is that it’s the most ingredient for a website’s success. that’s utterly untrue. A CMS ought to build it simple for a web site owner or webmaster(s) to manage and distribute content, however a website’s success has nothing to try to to with CMS; it’s to try to to with the standard of content, quality of services, promoting and plenty of different factors that square measure outside of the realm of this text.

2. The second idea regarding CMS is that it’ll eliminate a necessity for hiring an online developer or computer programmer to form changes to a web site. that’s not true in several cases.

Most CMS systems particularly the Open supply CMS systems that square measure unhealthy to hide each potential practicality (whether required or not) would force AN older internet computer programmer to form any customization for craft to one’s business objectives and for maintaining an over sized scale project.

A very exemplar of a unhealthy open supply CMS system is Drupal. Most end-users square measure told that Drupal is that the best and most value effective answer for any web site. that’s utterly untrue. It needs an online computer programmer to setup and customize a Drupal project, and owing to its completeness and unhealthy nature, it’ll need AN older internet master or web developer to take care of and manage a Drupal website.

So, if you’re tiny low business and also the value may be a consider developing your web site, you will take into account a CMS application that doesn’t need a considerable variety of programming hours for found out and on-going maintenance.

3. One in all the vital ingredients for a website’s success is to create a whole that users will bear in mind, get back and tell their friends.

Unfortunately, most CMS systems square measure written by programmers. Programmers typically don’t have the planning, disapproval and value expertise. that’s why most of the out-of-the-box open supply CMS sites that haven’t been bespoke don’t have any disapproval and temperament.

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