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Offshore Dedicated Development Center

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Optimized human capital for your performance needs and success

Learn with us, how an offshore dedicated team can be both productive and cost-effective!

Offshore Outsourcing your projects with an Offshore Dedicated Team is an excellent opportunity to boost your business with top-quality resources picked matching your requirements and objectives and deployed per your customized execution and governance needs, with higher degree of monitoring and involvement. Giving you benefits of near Zero Cap-Ex and much reduced Op-Ex.

Lower you Cap-Ex, Op-Ex and Governance overheads

Recruiting, training and mentoring your in-house teams could make your projects a complex financial puzzle. With an offshore dedicated team, you can be focused on managing, and motivating it from projects point of views. Our hand picked team of qualified technical specialists, programmers, software architects, QA engineers and business analysts will be fully at your disposal to accomplish your project employing the latest and cutting-edge IT technologies while saving you from all back office and compliance efforts.

Clients benefits
  • Faster Time to Market with Lower Establishment Costs
  • Risk Reduction by Flexibility and Process Expertise
  • Seamless integration with your in-house team/management
  • Maximum control over quality, timings and the development process
  • Ready-to-use IT infrastructure and the ability to involve narrow specialists on ad-hoc basis
  • Option of owning the dedicated facility