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Global Delivery Model

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Global Delivery Model

Our unique global delivery model allows you to choose the sourcing strategy best suited to your business needs. We help you keep your business running 24/7, with a seamless experience.

We offer low-cost centre options so you can obtain the best possible rates for delivery of services while also benefiting from the expertise of highly experienced MIS professionals.

MIS can mix services from low-cost, offshore, remote and on-site locations for the benefits of the end clients. These centres also address specific business requirements, including closer proximity, language, time zones and constant access of dedicated development teams.

Achive Cost and value benefits
  • Achieving financial goals without compromising client satisfaction
  • Maximizing productivity, flexibility, agility and effectiveness
  • Focusing on strategic growth while reducing operational complexity
  • Making the most of flexible contracts and commercial agreements
Our Center of Excellence

We have established technology centers of excellence or ‘Offshore Dedicated Centers’. Work at each of these centers is equipped by ISO,the industry standards. Using these ensures at all of the MIS Delivery Centers, work will be performed with the same outstanding standards.

The Benefits of MIS Delivery Centers: Cost Savings with Value Addition
  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 support from professional MIS teams
  • Flexible delivery models with access to required skills, capabilities and costs
  • Cost-effective solutions trailered and served using a global operating model
  • knowledge and support oriented services with domain expert employees
  • Risk reductions